Yazar: Gözde MERT
Sayfa Sayısı: 458
ISBN: 978-605-06365-5-0
Ölçüler: 16X23

Strategic management is the product of thinking mind. Art is the product of feelings related to feeling. The art of strategy with strategic management is a mind game that depends on imagination and thought with intuition. Strategy is also the art of winning through management. The artist of this art wins with his experiences knowing how to win the game at a glance. An example? It's enough to even look around. The success of many companies that have succeeded in their own ethical and innovative values is based on the art of winning through strategic management. The artist of the art of winning in the management game uses his imagination to achieve incredible success with innovation and creativity.

         So strategic management is a game and art based on winning. Strategy art; it is a perspective that sees the future with imagination. The art of winning with strategy; living by feeling the feeling of winning and transferring this feeling to the team. To create a winning team culture. Thinking; fiction design, operation, tactics to win, art with the power of feelings, emotions and intuitions. All this on a chessboard; Pawn, rook, horse, bishop, queen and king is a game that is woven with loops like lace. The process of managing the company's strategies shows the way and practices that must be followed in order for the company to win in developing technology and changing market and business conditions. Strategic management is above all a process of making and implementing logical and rational decisions. Today, this process; Fast, instant, online and offline, mostly mobile vehicles and technologies are taking place in a digital network environment. For example; With the in-store artificial intelligence applications developed by Amazon Company, products that are automatically purchased in the store without payment can be collected from the credit card. Strategic management with new technologies developed in this example enables the company to gain a significant competitive advantage.

        In this book, there are many valuable and interesting works under the title of strategic management. Strategic management in the book; digital transformation strategies, social responsibility strategies, risk management, strategic leadership, transformation of companies, green design thinking, innovation, lean management, strategic decision making and others. Many thanks the valuable authors who contributed to the book for their beautiful works that contribute to strategic management.

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